Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SIDE EYE: DWade Has a New Son, NOT By His Fiancee

Days after his proposal to his long time girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade openly admitted to fathering a child with another woman. SMH!

According to Dwyane the child was conceived while he and Gabrielle were on a "break". (Side eye) Dwyane's new son with Aja Metoyer was born November 10th, just a little over a month before he popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Gabrielle. SO MESSY! According to reports Aja also has two children with Actor Damon Wayans Jr, and now she has just secured another 18yrs of financial security with the birth of her new son, Xavier.

In our opinion, this scandal was definitely well planned. To me it was REALLY smart for DWade to pop the question to Gabrielle during this time, and it was also smart for him to "own up" to his mistake rather than let the "Ex/Jumpoff" expose him. How strategic of him to call his infidelity a "Blessing"... smdh. We're NOT judging but we just don't buy Dwyane Wade's image that he's developed for the media. Let's not forget about the messy situation with his ex wife and how he allegedly cheated on her with Gabrielle. OKAY!
BUT who are we to judge?? (we're judging). Lol. We wish him and his "blended" family the best. Good luck Gabrielle.

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