Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rumor Has It.....

The streets are talking and we've gotten word that Beyoncé and her hubby JayZ may open the show at this years Grammy Awards. EPIC RIGHT?? Here's where we got this tea...

THEYBF.COM reports: Today Kontrol Magazine was the first to report that everyone’s favorite King and her hubby will be this year’s opening act for The Grammy’s. Yes that’s right, BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z will be the opening act for this year’s Grammy Awards show and you heard it first from Kontrol Magazine. Today the staff has begun to arrive at the Staples Center in preparation for this year’s Grammy’s and our sources have told us that Jay and Bey are rumored to open the show!

Can you imagine?? The show starts and we hear "Drunk In Love"!?? DOPE!! This is one of those rumors that we hope to be true. The Grammys will air on CBS January 26th. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and IG (@DivaDenEnt) for our "Grammy Party". We'll be chatting all night about everything from the fashions to the performances. Don't be tardy!

*Crosses fingers and prays that this rumor comes true.*

For more Grammy info CLICK HERE.

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