Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Joe Budden RESPONDS to Tahiry's Proposal Rejection

Thanks to Hot 97 in New York, we got to hear Joe Budden's response to being dissed by Tahiry in the middle of Times Square before the reunion show airs.

In the clip below, Joe confirms that the "proposal" was 100% genuine and talks about how other women have been throwing themselves on him since the episode aired. He also said he will NEVER propose to Tahiry again.  Watch below.

Can you blame Joe??....
We agree that Joe should never propose to Tahiry again, because she is CLEARLY DONE! At least it looks that way from the show.
Do you agree with Tahiry's decision? WE DO! From the looks of her reaction, she finally realized that she can't change Joe, and a ring won't change things either. So congrats girl, for not SETTLING for less than what makes you happy. We can't wait to put our "two cents" in on Twitter during the reunion.

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