Thursday, January 30, 2014

Apollo Explains His Texting Situation With Kenya and MORE on Bethenny

The Husbands of The Real Housewives of Atlanta stopped by the Bethenny show recently. Apollo, Gregg, and Peter flew solo without their wives to talk about drama from the show and how much money they DON'T make.

While there Apollo, (husband of Phaedra Parks) made an attempt for the 100th time to explain his texting situation with Kenya. Watch his attempt at an "explanation" below.

The guys also revealed that they DON'T get paid for appearing on the show.

Wow... In other House-Husband news, we've put Apollo on the top of the Diva Den prayer list. It's been reported that he is facing criminal charges for bank fraud, identity theft, and MORE! Lawd... he's so fine, we need him on TV. Hopefully having a lawyer for a wife will help him prove his "innocence". *Side Eye.* Good luck Apollo.

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