Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sneak Pic: R.Kelly and Gaga "Do What You Want"

R.Kelly and Lady Gaga have been all over the blogs since they first performed their song "Do What You Want" on SNL. After seeing all of the "dry humping" that went on during the performance, we're already expecting over the top visuals from the official video. Check out the pic that leaked from the set...
Lol... oh yea... looks like a hot mess happening right before our eyes. I would of never imagined these two working together but it is truly fun to watch. We'll be waiting for the video to drop any day now. In the meantime, the King of R&B has been busy making his mainstream comeback. His album "Black Panties" hits stores today, and it's been getting great reviews. Check out the new video for his latest single "Cookie".

Whoa... I'll probably never look at an Oreo the same. Smh... If you're interested check out the behind the scenes footage from the "Cookie" video shoot below.

Gotta love Kellz. Buy "Black Panties" HERE.

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