Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shaq Puts a STOP To Shaunie's Show

We're sure Shaunie O'neal is feeling some type of way towards her ex husband Shaquille O'neal.

Shaunie Oneal, the creator of Vh1's Basketball Wives was getting the wheels rolling on her newest reality tv adventure, but her ex husband hit the BRAKES! Shaunie's latest project was a "TI &Tiny" type reality show, that would give viewers a look into the lives of her and her 5 children with ex husband Shaquille O'neal. Filming for the new show titled, "The Shaunie Project" was due to start in January, but Shaq pumped the bakes on the show when he found out his kids would be involved. Can you blame him??
But Shaunie isn't going down without a fight! She went before a judge in LA to file an emergency motion that would allow her to film the children, but as we've seen with other reality shows, children CAN NOT be filmed unless BOTH parents have given permission. To make matters worse her motion was DENIED! In order for her to film the children she will need to have a hearing and convince a judge that the show is in the best interest of the kids... hmmm... good luck with THAT! We're siding with Shaq on this one. Throwing your children in front of a reality tv camera is NOT always a smart move. Todays children are exposed enough with social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. The last thing they need is a camera following them around as they're being raised by a single mother!?? This is different from TI and Tiny's show because, unlike TIP and Tiny, Shaq and Shaunie are divorced. And we're pretty sure that with Shaq not being a part of the show, he'll be made to look like and absentee father?... What do you think?? Would you put your kids on a reality show??

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