Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Love and Hip Hop's Nya Lee Admits To Ass Shots, Talks Getting Cut, and Erica Mena with VladTV


Finally somebody is breaking the "fake booty" code of silence and admitting to having inflated buns. You may recognize Nya Lee as the stripper turned rapper from the new season of Love and Hip Hop NY.

Her storyline on the show as a smart mouthed stripper, trying to get into the rap game has been interesting. We've watched her curse out Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, and get into a argument after telling Tahiry that "all Spanish girls share men". So from the moment she hit the screen, she's been the one to say exactly what's on her mind. In a recent interview with VladTV she kept it real and was honest about her experience with butt injections. Watch Nya Lee spill the tea below, and tell why she wouldn't recommend them for other girls.

I don't know if I believe her playing a 22yr old though... lol. But at least she was honest about the injections. Check out more of VladTv's chat with Nya below.

But wait... There's more....

Ummm....It'll be interesting to watch how she will use her new level of fame.
Source: VladTv Youtube

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