Monday, November 11, 2013

Wendy Williams Calls Porsha Stewart "Less Than Smart" To Her Face

Chile.... Ms.Wendy is STILL the same ol' Queen... and we love it!
Real Housewife of Atlanta, Porsha Stewart stopped by Wendy's daytime talk show and within 2 minutes of the interview, Wendy told Porsha straight to her face... "I think you're less than smart."  OOOP! Watch the clip below.

Surprisingly, Porsha did a good job responding to the shade from Wendy and her audience. And although the delivery was shady... Wendy is right. To viewers, Porsha is a pretty, privileged, air head that married a rumored to be gay athlete and landed on our television screens. So we applaud Ms. Wendy for keeping it real... We can always count on Wendy to "say it like she means it". WHOOP....P.S. Kordell is going to make a visit to the Wendy show to tell his side of the story. We'll keep you posted as the catfight continues.

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