Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pebbles FINALLY Speaks Out About the TLC Drama, Claims Chilli Had An Affair with Her Husband

Meet Pebbles....
She's the "visionary" behind the legendary girl group TLC and the woman who allegedly RIPPED them off and left them broke. After being outraged by her portrayal in the TLC movie, she finally decided to break her silence. Even though it's been over 20 years since TLC hit the music scene, for years Pebbles has been the one at blame for the groups money issues, but it wasn't until VH1 premiered the "TLC" movie that Pebbles decided to speak out.
She stopped by the Wendy Williams show and addressed everything from the $25 allowances, the Rav 4's, to the affair her husband (at the time) LA Reid had with Chilli. MESSY.... watch the interview below.

This story is so MESSY... LAWD! Was Chilli really THAT loose!?? Did Tboz and Left Eye really kick Chilli out? Who really stole the money??.. Chile... this story will go on and on. I watched the TLC movie and as a viewer and fan I could tell that there were a lot of things left unsaid. For instance, what happen to the whole chapter of Chilli and Usher?? Or TBoz and Mack 10?? But, oh well...there is always three sides to a story... TLC's side, Pebble's side, and the Truth! (Which we will probably never get!) Your thoughts???

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