Monday, November 18, 2013

New Music: Justin Bieber Featuring R.Kelly "PYD"

Hide ya wife!! Hide ya kids!!! Are you ready for a collaboration from Justin Bieber and R.Kelly??
For some reason, I feel like this is so wrong in so many ways... but the song is hot nonetheless! "P.Y.D" which stands for "Put Ya Down" is a super sexy record, and ladiesssssss.... I don't think you're ready for these two, mixed with a slow beat and some auto-tune... I cant! Check it out below..

"I can tell, the way you walk your body ain't been touched- the right way" -R.Kelly
Lawd, I have so many inappropriate jokes.. but I'm just going to save them for talk at the bar. Lol. What do you think? Are you feeling "P.Y.D"?? The King of R&B is definitely working his way back in the "urban contemporary" spotlight, with collaborations with people like 2Chainz and Future. Plus it doesn't hurt to have songs out with both, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. WERK KellZ! His new album "Black Panties" hits stores December 10th. "P.Y.D" is available on iTunes. CLICK HERE. 

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