Monday, October 28, 2013

Chris Brown Arrested In DC On Assault Charges

Poor lil Tink, Tink...
Would people just leave Chris Brown alone?! Or... from what it looks like will Chris Brown just leave people alone.. lol. Reports broke this weekend that Chris and his bodyguard were BOTH arrested on assault charges in Washington D.C.
Allegedly, after a night of partying Chris was approached by a man outside of his tour bus and asked to take a pic, after Chris declined the pic request, the "man" allegedly tried to get on Chris's tour bus. Once he tried to board the bus, Chris and a bodyguard ALLEGEDLY attacked the man which led to them being arrested for felony assualt. SMH!

WHYYYY CHRIS!? The part that REALLY makes this situation bad for Chris is that he is still on probation and any arrest could result in a violation which will only give the courts reason to use him as an example and give out extreme punishment. SMH... We're going to put Chris at the TOP of the Diva Den prayer list and hope that he gets his life and career back on the right track.

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