Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcome Hair Stylist Porsha-Porshay Into The Diva Den!

People ask me all the time... "Who Does Your Hair??" Well.... meet my BFF/Hair Stylist Porsha she'll be checking into the Diva Den sharing hair tips for all my Divas! Check out her first tip below!

I have seen some half-done perms in my days. (You know, the middle still got that kink to it or those kitchens ain’t cooking like they supposed to be). So I thought it would be excellent idea to give out some tips to get them roots looking right! Check out must "Relaxer Tips" below:

(Keke with her relaxed natural hair)

1.    Don't ever pre shampoo your hair, comb or brush your hair before applying a perm/relaxer. This will cause your scalp to be irritated and inflamed.

    2.    While the perm is in your hair do not comb through your hair, thinking it’s going to get your hair looking straighter and silkier. Perm works itself. What you can do is use the back of your comb, hands and fingers to work the perm through. Be sure to wear gloves.
3.    If you have recently taken out braids, a sew in or anything else that can cause wear and tear on your scalp try to wait at least 2 weeks before applying the perm.

 4.    If you are one that loves to dye and bleach your hair never do it the same day that you relax your hair. (You won’t have any!)

 6.  Always use neutralizing shampoo when you are attempting to remove perm. Most of us have seen the movie what's love got to do with it starring Angela basket; we do not want to end up looking like she did in that beauty salon!

For more of Porsha's tips be sure to check back right here, in the Diva Den! CLICK HERE to add Porsha on Facebook! She is now accepting clients!!


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