Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Diva Den Make-up Tip: KICB-Keep. It. Clean. Boo

Hello Divas and Divos, It's Lauren LaShaye and  I’m back again with another make-up tip!

1) When getting your make up done please make sure that you are in a sanitary environment. I can not stress enough how important this is when choosing a make up artist or when doing some one else’s make up. It can be the difference between you waking up with a new pimple on your face or a case of herpes that can never be cute in anybody’s book. There are countless diseases and bacteria that can be transferred to your face from the artist’s hands and/or tools. You have to think about it, if you are a person who stores their make up in the bathroom, just flushing the toilet spreads all type of bacteria around and that bacteria goes on the brushes you use on your face and eyes. If that doesn’t gross you out enough, I don’t know what will honey.

2) When getting my make up done here are some things I look for the artist to have in their kit: -hand sanitizer -antibacterial brush cleaner -disposable tools (lip, eye, and mascara wands, cosmetic sponges, etc.) -alcohol -separate place for used tools Unless you have seen the artist themselves take the products out of the packaging or you bring your own, if you don’t at least see any of the basic items listed above, run. No seriously, run.

3) For the ladies and gents that do their own make up, make sure you deep clean your brushes at least once a week and spot clean after every use. Deep cleaning means that you actually wash your brushes just as you would wash your hair with shampoo or anti bacterial soap getting all the product build up out of your brush . To spot clean is to quickly sanitize and get make-up off of your brushes not getting the brush completely wet. There are tons of brush cleaners on the market from ELF which can be found at Target for 3 bucks all the way up to MAC cosmetics.

If you don’t want to buy you can also make your own brush cleaner using one part water, one part 91% Isporyl alcohol, olive oil, and dawn soap. The oil breaks down the make so it comes out the brushes easy. Remember even though it can be the most annoying thing to clean brushes, you have to make sure you are keeping yourself healthy. Personally, I would rather spend an hour cleaning brushes than a week or two with a breakout or worse. Don’t let the unnecessary occur!! Happy cleaning!!!!

MUA- Lauren LaShaye

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