Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ciara Visits The Wendy Show, Talks Beef With Rihanna

Ciara is on an all time high at the moment... after a few album flops, she is back with a new look, a new man, and more importantly... NEW MUSIC! Ciara's new single "Body Party" has been doing well and she recently stopped by the Wendy Williams show to talk about everything she's been up to. Check it out below.

Ciara Visits The Wendy Williams Show 2013 3
On “Body Party”
It can go from you and your person, your lover, your boo, to a group of people, you and your friends, body to body in the party having a good time. More than anything I want to bring back that energy when guys weren’t too cool to slow grind with their girls at the party. To slow dance. It’s about that.

On Future
We actually met working. We actually talked about working together several time on the phone and then we actually got a chance to get into the studio and then it all went from there. We did a good amount of songs for my record.

Wendy: I know that you are in love with Future, are you Engaged? There is a N on your finger who is it?
His name is Navaddius

Wendy: Does he have one of those with the C on it?
He does.

Wendy: Are you pregnant?

Wendy: But, clearly you are in love?
I’m very happy.

Wendy: So you guys are eventually going to get married?
I don’t know

Wendy: See here is my thing with you kids, What happens God forbid.. If you don’t get married to this guy, how are you going to explain [the tattoo] to the next man?
Okay this is what I feel..I’m in a place right now, I’ve always been so reserved and to myself or more private and kind of talk half way about something when I speak about a relationship. In this this day in my life, I’m I’m so comfortable in my skin and I feel so good about where I am and I’m very confident and comfortable with the way he loves me. So, I say that to say we want to put in the universe positives, I’m going to only put in the universe that its going to get better and better.

On Rihanna
I’m good. I just have to ask you this question? How many seconds did it take to ask that? It didn’t take that long right? I just want to make sure we said that part. I’ve said all I need to say about her. I’m totally in a different space. It’s all positivity and love from my perspective and how I get down and I wish her well.

On Her Career Having a Dry Period
I think, at least from my eyes, when I look at people who I really admire and respect, it’s a journey. It’s not about the short term of it all. Everyone is gonna hit a few bumps in the road, you’re gonna get punched a few times you’re gonna fall. Most importantly it’s about getting back up. For me, I went through a phase where I was just trying different things in life. Meeting people, meeting new friends…really just trying different things. Whether it is just hanging out, whatever it may be, that’s what you have to do in life. You have to try things to figure out what it is that works for you and what doesn’t.

And just for my Diva that was asking... The Ciara and Rihanna beef started a while back on Twitter after Rihanna threw shade to Ciara at an industry party. Then when Ciara was released from her previous record label, the two exchanged a few tweets. (pic below)...
Fast forward to now.... Rihanna's bff made a slick comment on video Ciara posted, while singing in a bathroom.. and the subliminal tweets started all over again. *Deep Sigh*... I wish Ciara well.. if you haven't seen her latest video CLICK HERE.

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