Monday, April 29, 2013


Please help me welcome Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy! The young fashion designer will be stopping by the Diva Den to give the Divas all the fashion teas... Check out Krissy's first fashion tip below:

{Sexuality Vs Fashion}

It's been argued that more and more women have been dressing "manly" (having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength). Skkkkurt....!! So women can't be strong? Only Women can pull off any look whether its something feminine and sweet or edgy and sexy. We are courageous.

The boundaries of fashion have went from bold black lines to fluorescent patterns, colors, and materials for both men and women.

Fashion has trend-setted itself into more frantic looks that extenuate things that are more dramatic work of art. See below:


Wardrobe Details: -A sweater/ Sheer back shirt detailed with gold spikes from XXI paired with navy blue trousers from Love Culture to give it that boyish look. A red orange suede pointed toe heel to give it that feminine touch. Can't forget the American flag earrings. God Bless Those Who Aren't Afraid To Step Out The Box!

"Have courage on ones convictions"
Isn't she EVERYTHING?? Be sure to check the Diva Den "Style" tab to see all of Krissy's future fashion tips!
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