Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEW Music Video from my FAVORITE "Housewife" KANDI BURUSS!!

A while ago I posted this song up with a poll asking you how you felt about this record and it was voted as a HIT! So check out the new official music video for Kandi's new single "LEAVE U". I recently ran into her label rep and he was trying to push this single,...I told no need, I am already a FAN, plus it doesn't hurt that Kandi has some SEXY eye candy in the video!

I love it!!....and I see you DERWIN(Pooh Hall) *side eye*


  1. I love it!!! I personally believe she should stick to singing and leave the talk shows up to the pro O!!!

  2. Lmao! So u've watched a "Kandi Koated Night" Lmao!

  3. Yes and I must say that I just start a show if she has one... wow... how are you going to talk about sex and haven't had any in a lil under a year!!!!! #EPICFAILURE lol