Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HIDE YA KIDS.....!!!!!

Now do u really think a face like this, would harm anyone?? LOL...Ok..ok...I know its not funny!

More the papers have been filed in the two lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth M.B. Church. He has been accused of using his position and power to force himself on young men and lure them into homosexual acts. I have the official court documents that the alleged victims Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg filed. Both of the young men are claiming that Bishop Long took them into hotels (reserved) under false names and used his power to force them into homosexual acts such as oral sex. The victims also stated that Bishop Long would reward them by introducing them to famous athletes and movie stars, such as Tyler Perry and Chris Tucker. Click here for the Maurice Robinson court documents and Click here for the Anthony Flagg court documents. This is gonna be a JUICY case!

Check out the CNN report:

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